How the ghosts of memory lie

  A place that resembles a place where once I lived: Google Street View of 3 rue de la Fointaine au Roi, Paris I have almost forgotten my neighbour already. Rainer Maria Rilke, The Notebook of Malte Laurids Brigge, 171. Some years before he died, my friend Elisabeth’s father began to lose his memory. He became concerned to organize his memorabilia, and so he set … Continue reading How the ghosts of memory lie

Somebody’s watching you

Don’t look now: someone is almost certainly watching you. This year alone, according to estimates published by Business Insider, we humans–at least those of us able to afford some kind of camera–will take some 1.2 trillion photos, the majority of them with smartphones. That’s an average of 500 photos for every one of the nearly 2.3 billion smartphone owners in the world, or approximately 133 … Continue reading Somebody’s watching you

Journey’s End

Journey’s End, or Reflections as one thing passes into another Sunday, August 27, 2017 Sky passes into sea, Rose Harbour, Kunghit Island, Gwaii Hanaas 4:30 am Atlantic Daylight Savings Time Sunday 27 August, 2017  West Quoddy, Nova Scotia Just a week ago we were in British Columbia, preparing for our last day on the boat for the year.  We’d moved into the launch slip, for … Continue reading Journey’s End