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Karin Cope

Nomad. Sailor. Poet. Photographer. Performer. Professor. If you can’t dream it, how can you do it?

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Visible Poetry: Aesthetic Acts in Progress (writing and photography, some drawing and video) +90,000 hits; +300 posts

Begun in April 2009 in order to teach myself, and thus my students, something about the rapidly changing environment for print and publishing, Visible Poetry is explicitly dedicated to exploring, online, ways of combining literary or poetic words with other more “visual” or “documentary” elements—line, video, paint, prints, etc. I have also been interested in the way a blog—the word itself a contraction of the phrase, “web log”—might be engaged, as lyric poetry is, in everyday voicings and movements. What if we thought of poetry as something visible everywhere? Much of what we call poetry IS blogging of a sort, a lyric voice meandering through the sounds and images and movements of the world, trying on sensations and seeking interlocutors. Visible Poetry: Aesthetic Acts in Progress continues to explore the expanding some horizons of this oldest of forms.

The complete archive of an earlier incarnation of this blog may be found here:


Other blogs include:

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Flows (Given Water)

Site linked to October 2015 solo exhibition of the same name, exploring links between notions of water, nature and poetry. https://givenwater.wordpress.com/

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West By East (with Marike Finlay-de Monchy) +35,000 hits; +50 posts

West By East consists of blogged letters, photographs, and linked sound and video clips documenting our voyages by water in various coastal communities on the continent. As a result of work undertaken for this project, we are at work on a collaborative manuscript on the histories and futures of rural coastal communities in North America. http://quoddysrun.wordpress.com/.

See also linked files at http://www.youtube.com/user/karinmariecope/videos

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DepARTment of Public Works This blog showcases the “public works” of an ad hoc Halifax-based artists’ collective dedicated to creating sites for laughter, comfort and surprise in urban spaces. I am a founding member of the group, and contribute to documenting our activities in several venues. http://artofpublicworks.blogspot.ca

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karinmariecope/