Today I will different

Pinched cardon, that nevertheless survived, San Basilio, BCS

You wake, you say 
today will be different, today 
I will do what I do what I must what I will 
today I will          efficient        today 
tasks completed      today       organized    today 
my desk in order. 
Today I will          different.  
Do today as if some other un-waylaid by wind  
or whim or want.  Someone of will, not wanton 
wondering. What song will you sing then when 
salsa flings you circumsolar when 
lightslant leaps across your foot when 
urgency, like sucking sand, slips seaward and 
beckons you to swim? 

Gull, La Ramada, BCS

Published as a part of the Canadian League of Poets “Poem in Your Pocket Day” project:

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